Find and chat with vehicle users by their vehicle registration no

Here is first app of the world to connect vehicles and their users. RVFinder is an app where all vehicle users can signup using their vehicle registration number (VRN). Its purpose is to let a vehicle user find and communicate to another, in case of any need, just by entering his/her VRN.

If you own a vehicle, such as Car, Bike, Truck, Bus or anything that has a registration number provided by your legal territory, here is an app for you. It just takes your vehicle information, and your name that can not necessarily be your real name. You can view profile of a vehicle, it’s user, and can even chat with him/her, if needed.

This is just the start, we are making lot of cool features for you..

Invite/endorse your friends and get paid when they serve for a fee

Create your expert profile and invite or endorse your friends to showcase and share their expertise with people around the world. When they charge people for their help, you’ll be paid a part of it.

Why this early bird offer?
RagVim Experts is currently live only for experts so that more and more experts can come on the website, create their profile and showcase their expertise in various aspects/categories of life. Since Experts is a platform to help people with each others expertise, there is the requirement of at least 1000 experts before we make this platform available to everyone so that there is always an expert (at least) to help someone in need.

This offer is valid till 31st March, 2014 only and by the end of April we’ll launch the service for both experts and general public.

How much is one paid for inviting/endorsing a friends?
If you invite a friend and he charges a fee for helping people in his area of expertise, you’ll be paid all the fee we’d charge for using our services (will be upto 10%). So if your friend makes $100, we’d charge a fee of $10 (maximum) and that whole amount will be paid to you, we’ll not keep anything for now because you invited your friend in this offer period.

So invite and endorse more of your friends and earn more from us.

Communicate across the language barrier

Have you ever fell into a situation when you want to communicate someone who is comfortable in Russian, Chinese or any language but barely understands your language or English?

In RagVim Communicate we’ve added the translate feature so that you don’t worry what language your friend will use to email or chat with you. You will always get it in your language!

To activate just open your Communicate account settings and choose language what you’re comfortable in. Check the box to let Communicate translate everything for you.