No more real money, but real value Ginis

Get prepare to use a smart currency Ginis to replace your real money uses with RagVim

Buy Ginis

Without Any Transaction Fee

Spend Easily

Wherever Needed On RagVim

Withdraw Balance

To Real Money Whenever You Want

Ragvim Ginis

Real Value Ginis provides a dynamic payment gateway, enabling businesses to accept credit/debit card transactions across website and mobile applications trouble-free. You just have to buy ragvim ginis and spend easily wherever needed, without going to payment gateway everytime to use any paid service from RagVim. Best part of this currency is that you don't need to pay any extra transaction fee when you buy Ginis and they can be withdrawn (in actual money anytime) or used on RagVim services, in full.

Hassle Free Payment Transfer

Sending payments through Ginis is safer
without exposing your personal financial information. All you have to do is login
and send the money

Safe And Secure

We value your money and your privacy as much as you do. We have deployed
the best systems to ensure that your money and your account details are not compromised!
Our advanced encryption protects your data and money transfer from theft and other fraudulent activities.

Full Payment Value

We want to make sure that you are able to send as
much money as possible through our zero-deduction payment feature.
You will get the full amount of your money when you purchase Ginis.

Setup Your Business

Partner with RagVim to accept Ginis for safest & most convenient financial transactions
to your global users, while you enjoy quick and easy payments.

Products Using Violet

An online grocery store running successfully in Jaipur city

Wiish is a ridesharing system available in Delhi/NCR

People is another service of RagVim to verify users idnetity by Govt. IDs

RVFinder is the social network of vehicle users, soon to be merged with Wiish.

All you need is just RagVim ID

and People ID if you want to exchange your Ginis to your friends or others

Signup on RagVim enables you to access all our services with a single login.