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We are the change India needs. Wiish is going to revolutionize the car pooling industry, FOREVER.

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Verified profiles of members and ratings mean you know exactly who you are traveling with.

No need to wait for buses, avail multiple means of transport or battle the crazy crowd in metros. Catch a ride near you.

Get a ride in any car moving towards your destination at economy prices every day.

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Get prepared to use a smart currency Ginis to replace your real money uses with RagVim.

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No more real money, but Real Value Ginis that can be purchased by money and used anywhere needed in RagVim.

Spend easily wherever needed without going to payment gateway everytime to use any paid service from RagVim.

You can even withdraw your balance Ginis to real money and get it transfered to your bank account.

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Are you looking for a new email account which offers unlimited storage and virus protection? Your free email account is waiting for you. Get fully featured professional webmail to keep your work safe and become more efficient.

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An email client that helps you to keep your new or existing email account clutter free from unwanted emails. Create upto 5 email addresses with unlimited storage for your all needs. Receive emails or chat messages in your own language regardless of what was it written in. Simple yet advanced user interface.

Receive emails or chat messages in your own language regardless of what was it written in. Create upto 5 email ids and You can also add multiple email addresses.

Simple yet advanced user interface.

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Do you want to check that person is who they say they are? Perhaps you’re a small business that needs to verify a customer or you just made a new online friend but you are not sure about the reliability of the information he/she gave it to you about himself/herself.

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We've created this website to help you check that the information someone has provided you, is reliable or not. On RVPeople users are verified by their name, photograph, email address and phone no. using their government issued identity proof.

After verification, users are provided with a unique RVPeople ID that they can use on other websites as well as in services of RagVim to be identified as a real and verified person.

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