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RagVim utilizes information technology to solve common problems in our lives

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RagVim is a brand to focus on solving common problems of our daily life using information technology at its best. RagVim creates online products for its users (mostly in India) and offer IT solutions to clients worldwide.

As a platform, we create simple-to-use and innovative websites and mobile applications for general as well as special purposes. While some of these applications might be available online, others are unique inventions. On we are strictly focused on providing you with a user-friendly interface and feature rich service to guarantee a streamlined and efficient experience. As of now we offering RagVim People - an identity verification system to verify contact details & Govt. ID of people around you, RagVim Communicate - to create upto 3 premium email accounts on and setup your existing business email addresses under same account, URL Shortener - to create short links from long URLs to share and analyze results, and Wiish - to share rides in Delhi/NCR within a verified community of users.

Under IT solutions, we also provide consultation and IT services like website & mobile application design, website & mobile app development, digital marketing, branding etc. with help of our experienced freelance associates. Our associates are highly-trained and using cutting-edge technology they strive to deliver best possible product expected by our clients worldwide. At RagVim Technologies, we aim to attract more clients while maintaining a high quality of service and customer care with our existing ones.

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