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RVPeople is now available on iTunes

22 February, 2023 - RVPeople app is now available for iOS devices as well where one can secure & manage their identity, setup digital business card and access/manage LOQR controlled doors. Read Article

RagVim launches RVPeople mobile app for Android

06 October, 2022 - RagVim launches a dedicated app for their RVPeople platform where one can secure & manage their identity, setup digital business card and access/manage LOQR controlled doors where they’re allowed. Read Article

Introducing LOQR - Contactless, digital and safe access management

01 July, 2022 - LOQR is a contactless, digital and safe QR based access management solution that can work with any electronic/magnetic door lock in a premise so that people entering in restricted areas can use their mobile phones to authenticate them to unlock the door. Read Article

Manish Anand joins Advisory Board of RagVim People

10 February, 2022 - Manish Anand, a senior member of IT and Business domain with more than 15 years of experience, has joined the advisory board of RagVim People. Read Article

URL Shortener and Webshot becomes a part of RagVim Technologies

19 January, 2022 - In another development, micro-services offered by RagVim OS like URL Shortener and Webshot have been moved to our sister concern RagVim Technologies. Read Article

Introducing Digital vCards on RagVim People

18 January, 2022 - RagVim has added Digital vCards in its People platform where one can easily create their QR based digital vCards. Read Article

RagVim One – an All-in-One Android app is now available

06 June, 2021 - We've launched our all-in-one Android app with the name of RagVim One on Google Play. The app offers all its online services like Communicate, People, Shortener & Streams in a single app. Read Article

RagVim People 2.0 - Identity verification made simple for everyone

25 May, 2021 - We have launched RagVim People 2.0, an ecosystem that would make identity verification simpler for businesses & individuals while protecting users from sharing their Govt. ID here & there. Read Article

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