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Introducing Digital vCards on RagVim People

18 January, 2022 | India

RagVim has added Digital vCards in its People platform where one can easily create their QR based digital vCards that can be shared with anyone and when it’s opened on a mobile phone by the recipient, the contact details can be saved to phonebook quickly in a single tap, without a need of maintaining those cards.

The purpose of such digital card is to reduce the need of paper printed cards and restrict unauthorised access to the personal details of the card owner as we already know how these cards are discarded and travel from one hand to another very easily. In some cases this travel may be beneficial for one’s business but it still has a problem of data validity if the contact details are changed sometime later.

A few benefits of such digital vCards are:

  • Reduce costs of paper printed cards
  • Ability to update details anytime
  • Added to phonebook directly
  • No need to maintain paper cards
  • Restrict unauthorised access
  • Even track the people having your card
  • Access/views analytics

To create and share a digital vCard now, just create a free people account and set it up with your details within a few seconds. These vCards are free for limited time with People.

Create Your Digital vCard Now »

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