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RagVim People 2.0 - Identity verification made simple for everyone

25 May, 2021 | India

We have launched RagVim People 2.0, an ecosystem that would make identity verification simpler for businesses & individuals while protecting users from sharing their Govt. ID here & there.

RagVim People is an online service to verify identity of anyone, be them business customers, visitors, website users, people in anyone's service like maid, electrician, plumber, or someone they just connected with on social media. Our dynamic & digital identity ensures one sees real information of their people, and not what others claim to be, by showing verified information of those people like their name, photo, mobile no., email address and even Govt. ID. while protecting their privacy.

One can see someone's People ID (digital identity) with others consent only. One can not view others Govt. ID (document) submitted but will know what type of document others are verified with. The document of anyone is taken once only into the People system and discarded from our server immediately after verifying it with Govt. Portals to avoid any misuse ever but can be retrieved by legal authorities if needed.

This would be a great system for a user too, as they would not need to provide their Govt. IDs here & there wherever asked like schools, hotels, offices etc. The only thing they need to share is their People ID, which is a digital identity, that describes their information within seconds and without sharing any document. A People ID contains a 12-character random ID/QR which is a key and generated every time one shares their ID to anyone. This dynamic ID ensures ones information to be available to intended recipient only to whom they share or approve it and can not be accessed by anyone else.

This service is FREE for personal use with limited features and one can verify themselves free on this system to start verifying people around them. However, if someone wants more of it, they can choose from our affordable subscription plans that start with as low as Rs. 100 a month with more features. For businesses, the service can be tried FREE by first 100 ones for a month that includes our basic subscription starting at Rs. 800 a month to verify 100 Govt. IDs and 300 People IDs which is enough for small businesses or offices.

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