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Manish Anand joins Advisory Board of RagVim People

10 February, 2022 | India

With a new year and growing team of RagVim People, Manish Anand, a senior member of IT and Business domain with more than 15 years of experience, has joined the advisory board of RagVim People. He will be working closely with our sales team in full capacity to establish the market presence and drive sales across the country.

Manish is a post graduate, with a flavour for innovation. He's an experienced professional in the field of information technology, well-versed with transformation and engineering. Having a global exposure spending 15 years of tenure in the global market. A strong background in manufacturing, healthcare, retail and BFSI plus last four years spend in architecting transformation journeys embedded with automation and AIOPS.

In his words, a good concept is a breakthrough. Extending the technology breakthrough as a problem-solving solution is a contribution towards technology transformation. For a professional, it is a golden opportunity to contribute to a company that is capable of offering a sound, problem solving solution. The idea of joining the board of RagVim People is not to mentor, but to participate. Participate to build an enterprise, participate to convert an idea in to a solution that can touch million people, and more.

Ujjwal Joshi, Co-founder of RagVim People quotes saying "I've known to Manish when he was my customer and I find him knowledgeable, articulate, and a pleasure to work with. His overall presence in our board will positively help us to grow as an organization with integrity and intelligence on Technology & business."

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