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RagVim One – an All-in-One Android app is now available

06 June, 2021 | India

RagVim has launched its all-in-one Android app with the name of RagVim One on Google Play Store. The app offers all its online services like Communicate, People, Shortener & Streams in a single app. Its iOS counterpart is already planned and should hit iTunes sometime in 3rd quarter.

Using this app, one can either create their new account on RagVim or login with their existing one. The account will allow setup premium email IDs with chat function on Communicate, verify their identity to verify others too on People, and use URL shortener service.

Under Communicate tab, one can read their emails, reply them and manage contacts in a simple to use interface. It would also setup a chat ID that can be used to communicate with friends and can easily be integrated in their personal/business websites to communicate with its users.

In People, one can verify their identity by their contact details and Govt. ID to start verifying identity of their people like customers, visitors, clients, employees, students, people in service (maid, driver, carpenter etc.) and almost anyone, within seconds online without sharing their crucial Govt. IDs here and there.

Shotener tab allows one to create short links from any long URL to share it in social media or Whatsapp status and track its result by looking at the no. of hits it received. The service can be integrated in any website or mobile application to create short links on the fly for the URLs generated by the system.

This app is free to download and use while the services offered under it have their trials or basic versions available for free.

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