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RVPeople is now available on iTunes

22 February, 2023 | India

After a few months of RVPeople Android app launch and increasing number of iOS users, the app has now been made available on iTunes as well. It has all the features and latest updates available in its Android counterpart.

The app should be able to help 20% of our total users who were relying on our web platform only so far. The app is specific, light-weight, fast and has advance features that were not available on the web:

  • In-built scanner to read any RVPeople QR
  • Contag Card widget to exchange business cards quickly
  • ConTAG requests to allow/deny access to your protected business card details
  • Control and manage LOQR devices (even if they're offline)
  • Call like urgent alerts for approval requests
  • Real-time notifications

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